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A radical approach to coaching and coach training that brings about transformation in leadership through authentic awareness, integrity and effectiveness.

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For Coaches

The Engenesis Coach Academy’s Coach Training Program covers and incorporates each of the key Aspects of Being identified in the Being Profile®. Our training also includes a number of optional full-day and half day Masterclasses which take a highly practical slant providing greater opportunities to apply the techniques and methodologies being taught in the program.


For Leaders

The Engenesis Coach Academy’s Thrive Coach Training Program is perfect for any leader who wants to hone and incorporate their skills as a coach into their professional repertoire. In this thirteen week program you will learn to be a powerful ontological coach as well as how to consistently and effectively use and integrate the Being Framework® Thrive CARE coaching Model and the Being Profile® into your coaching as a leader in your organisation, business or team.


Who We Are

The Engenesis Coach Academy was born out of the demand for powerful transformational ontological coach training. We are passionate about supporting a growing global community of coaches and leaders who are committed to bringing about transformational results with their communities, organisations and clients.

Our team of trainers, coaches and facilitators at the Engenesis Coach Academy are first and foremost highly experienced ontological coaches with many years of experience working with teams and individuals to bring about exceptional results. They are all active coaches who are passionate about the work we do and are also committed to supporting the transformation of others through ontological coaching and training.

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Thrive Coach Training Program

Engenesis Thrive Coach Training is designed for existing or new coaches who want to be trained as ontological coaches and in the use of the Thrive Model and the Being Profile® in their coaching practice.


The Being Profile® powers the work of leaders, coaches and consultants who are deeply committed to effectiveness and performance and are breaking past the guise of leadership by leading with substance and producing results.

The Being Framework Ontological Model

Learn More About the Thrive Coach Training Program

Join the Engenesis Thrive Coach Training Program to train as a powerful ontological coach and learn how to use the Being Profile® in your coaching practice.
Designed for existing and experienced as well as new coaches who want to powerfully impact their clients while developing a thriving coaching practice.
This transformational program encompasses:
  • The theoretical and applied aspects of ontological coaching.
  • The practical side of building a thriving coaching practice.
  • How to find, engage and retain clients.
  • How to incorporate and coach from the Being Profile® with your clients.
  • All Engenesis Thrive Coach Training sessions and workshops are led by highly experienced ontological coaches with many years of coaching and training experience. Participants also engage in personal fortnightly 1:1 ontological coaching sessions with Thrive Master Coach and program facilitator further enhancing their personal and professional growth and transformation.
    The program operates through live, online weekly sessions over 13 weeks.

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